4 Things You Can Use To Make Hoop Earrings

If you are into jewelry making, you’ll find that jewelry wire is a component that is very essential. You need the line to make a beaded necklace or bracelet, earrings, jump rings, headpins, clasps, and wire-wrapped pendant. Wires may confuse the beginners in making jewelry. There are questions that they need to find answers to. For example, what does “half-hard wire” mean? Or, which thickness should be used for which type of jewelry? Or, why the thickness is expressed sometimes in mm and sometimes in gauges?

Wires for making jewelries are available in many different types such as French wire, aluminum, colored chains, craft cables, aluminum wire, sterling silver, tiger tail, silver plated, Nitinol rods and gold filled.

Thread is very rarely used for stringing beads for it twists, knots and ties itself together into permanent knots. Thread is normally used to weave as bracelets and necklaces which are used to hang some other charms and pendants. The weaving patterns can be magnificent. Please remember that don’t use too long thread at a time as it will tangle, and your only hope will be to cut it off and start another thread. Nylon thread, normally be used, is the modern alternative option to silk.

Run a line of glue along the flat side of the bobby pin and press beads into the glue. Line up the holes of the beatds so they’re all facing in the same direction. Wipe away any excess glue. Let dry.

Use the wire cutter on the pliers to cut a length of wire 1″ longer than you want the necklace to be. Try it on first, as the wire sits differently than other necklaces.

The thickness of copper jewelry string is expressed in gauge. The thickness that you choose should depend on what type of jewelry you intend to make and how you intend to use the twine. The lower the gauge, the thicker is the twine; and the higher the gauge, the thinner is the twine. Thinner chains can be bent more easily, so they are not advisable to make rings, as rings require sturdy and stable wire so it will not be misshapen. Beaded earrings and necklaces definitely require jewelry wire that will fit through the holes of the beads, and these holes have different sizes. Pearl beads and seed beads have the smallest holes so they need a higher gauge to thread them. It is important that you know the size of the bead hole before you buy the copper jewelry wire.

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