5.3 Reasons Marketing Is So Hard For Small Businesses

The Christmas season is upon us, and with it one of the most difficult times to stick on a budget. It’s so easy to go overboard on gifts for those you love. There’s always some cute, cheap item that is just perfect, but when you find things like that over and over, they really add up.

Valentines Day is a great holiday to look for wedding supplies. Another awesome time to shop the clearance after. Get those notecards for RSVPs. Stickers that can be used for seals if you do a print, seal and send invitation.

You want a company that does vanity wraps for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost that someone else would do a custom paint job. Also, look for a firm that can do wraps for one vehicle at a time at an affordable rate as well as for a fleet of vehicles. This kind of company truly knows the difference between a full vehicle wrap and just a paint job.

Trust a professional writer to know the rules inside and out. Not only can they choose words that sing to the consumer, but they can also make sure every noun and verb agrees. Plus they can spot wrong word choices. (Is it compliment or complement? Accept or except? Affect or effect?) And they can smell a typo a mile away. Tapping their knowledge will save you time as well as money in costly revisions and repeat trips to the graphic design.

You should be extremely nice to radio people because radio time is valuable and others also have requests for their events. Sometimes there are many more requests than available time. If you want a spot offer to wash the radio station van for free at your fundraiser. Or give away free tickets on the radio in exchange. If the radio van shows up the D.J. or driver may call on his cellular or PCS phone for a live air link.

Finally, you don’t need to buy special software to create a PDF. If you don’t have the latest office software that can save in this format, you can download a free PDF print driver. Once installed these drivers work through the “print” function on your computer but instead of printing they create a PDF. Again, run a search for PDF print drivers and you can find quite a few for free.

The sale of car wash coupon books is a win-win situation for both parties. The fundraising groups love it because they don’t have to spend a Saturday washing cars in a hot parking lot, they don’t have to deal with scheduling around the weather and they can have several weeks to raise funds rather than just one day. It’s great for the car wash because new customers are driven to your car wash and wash volume is no longer siphoned away by parking lot fundraisers. Take notice of your local parking lots on the next pretty weekend. If you see any car wash fundraisers going on, consider partnering with these groups and use them to drive new customers straight to your wash instead.

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