6G Pipe Welding: Why Does The Midwest Us Need Steel Mills Making Pipe?

With the coming approval of the Keystone Pipeline, plus all the shale oil activity, and even President Obama saying he likes natural gas, the demand for 6G code pipe welders is going to go through the roof. The question is, how do you get hired to weld pipe?

Modern machines are made with aluminum windings. As the windings get warm the electrical resistance increases, so the machine must be adjusted. When the welder takes a break and comes back, they must be adjusted again. An old SA200 with copper windings doesn’t have this problem, so it welds on the same setting all day long, no matter what – they always weld like butter.

As you can tell, we recommend you choose a top welding school. Because their programs are narrowly tailored to welding, you will most often get a higher quality education. You will also get the benefit of working on some more refined programs like tig welding or Click to know. For these reasons, we suggest you look at the best schools first.

Pipe / rig welders (pipe welders with their own welding in their truck) are making about $70 an hour is North Dakota. It’s hard to find statistics specifically about pipe welders. However, if you can weld pipe well, and you’re willing to go where the work is, you’ll have a busy, well paid career. Why?

Once you have certified 6G, and then practiced enough to make the video described above, put that video on You Tube, and every social page you can. Put it on your website with your written resume. Get a simple to say (over the phone) and easy to remember URL.

These are the students who just graduated from pipe school. They managed to certify at the end of school after welding 30 test joints or less. They can’t understand why they won’t be welding pipe any time soon, and why they are finding it hard to even get on as a pipe welder’s helper.

Propane can have a bad habit of not being easy to get when you need it. It also always means moving the truck to another location to fuel the welder. On the other hand, your truck will probably be diesel, and so, one stop and you can slop the truck and the welder.

Other welders, your family, and a whole bunch of other people who think they know better than you will tell you, “You can’t do it.” Screw that! Start telling yourself right now, you CAN do it. If you set out the plan, it will happen. When you set a definite plan in motion – almost like magic, another bunch of people appear and help you make your plan a reality. This is the truth.

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