Business Travel With The Wife

Cars – a dream, a prestige symbol, an obsession….. Whatever you may call it; it does hold a place in everyone’s life. Everybody dreams of owning some model or the othe, but not all dreams are fulfilled. This is where rental companies can play a beautiful role. Not only do they give their services, but can also fulfill people’s dream. One can rent and enjoy their dream car.

Decide how far from home you are willing to travel. Is your main goal to be in the car or to spend time at a destination? Most people have only a few days for a Thanksgiving getaway. Arriving at your destination too exhausted to enjoy the sightseeing may put a damper on your fun.

Invite your new, potential employee to a company social event. Are they the type of person that talks travel corporate management only of themselves and continuously brags about all of the wonderful things that he or she has done? Do they even talk to anyone at all? These are the folks that either want to gain far more than they are willing to contribute or aren’t willing to gain or contribute. These are the type of people that will bring your company down.

Plan a budget for both money and time. You’ll be less stressed if you know how much money you have to spend. Planning activities according to the amount of time you have will help you feel less pressured to get everything in.

You may be thinking, this sounds pretty good. Well, it gets even better! Home businesses offer incredible tax savings. In fact the tax laws were written years ago with the intention of rewarding business owners, and this is the one best legal method of keeping more of your hard earned money in your own pockets.

Instead the response I get from the desk of the Renaissance Lodge in Sonoma was “we’ll send someone right up to check on that for you.” In the interim the call is immediately connected to the Concierge, Cindy Riggs, who listens to the situation and agrees to contact FedEx to arrange the return of my abandoned baby. Cindy then offers to call me back with details when available and takes my number.

Most limousines are luxurious and come stock with water, a wet bar and many other accessories for you to have a good time. The key to it is planning, and courtesy. Limousine companies really want you to have a good time. That is what brings you back year after year. That having been said, the best way to have a great time is to work with them.

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