Can Add Be Cured? Clues From The Mind Body Connection

Most people wait too long before using “anti-aging” products. Professionals agree that you should start thinking about these products much ealier in life. From childhood to your teenage years, your skin probably made some dramatic changes, but it probably changed – or will change – again in your early twenties. Believe it or not, stress and anxiety can cause changes to you skin. Since your skin changes through the years, it simply makes sense that you’ll need to change your beauty products, too. Check out reviews on DDF skin care before you make any decisions about which skincare products might work best for you.

Simply put, anything that affects your mind, affects your body and vice versa. Let’s say that you love cookies and someone offers you a whole plateful of all your favorites. Just the mere thought of thinking about eating them will cause your mouth to instantly fill with saliva. This is an example of your mind and thoughts affecting your body.

Why does sunlight help cancer? The answer is Vitamin D. Cholesterol in your blood is converted into Vitamin D when sunlight hits your skin. Vitamin D helps normal cells stick together (cell cohesion) through something called gap junctions. Gap junctions not only help your cells stick together but help your normal cells communicate with each other. Yes! Cells can talk to each other through special Gap junctions are like tiny tubes that connect two cells together allowing for communication.

Not sure what I’m saying? Try testosteron this. Try imaging yourself as a world class ballerina dancing on stage. Now consider how your ability to dance would depend on how well you could keep your mind and body in sync.

Weight fluctuates: It’s natural for your weight to go up and down all the time. It can vary as much as ten pounds up or down, depending upon time of month, water retention, hormones, environmental factors and even atmospheric pressure.

But where is the spirit? How do we identify with our own spirit? The outer circumstances of daily living seem to hold us on a continual treadmill of endless activity, compounded by that treadmill of our repeating thought patterns formed early in life.

If this was a discussion about fine automobiles and we were to admire the precision workings of the motor we might say an engineer designed the motor brilliantly. However in the context of evolutionary thought the term designed should never be used to describe the human body or any of its inner workings. Does that seem a bit peculiar?

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