Easy Tips For First Time Home Buyers To Follow

One of the best features of any new home, with summer approaching, is a beautiful front porch. Who doesn’t like to sit out under the shade on a warm day with a cool drink and enjoy the view from their front porch? But with exposure to the elements and constant use, front porches can take a harder beating than many other parts of the house and should be included in every home inspection.

The buyer’s agent with search all the homes on the market and narrow it down basing on the features and finances you have mentioned to the agent. So the real estate agent will provide you limited lists of homes that meet your desires and needs. The real estate agent will also schedule some appointments to those homes. It would be better to perform residential inspection Texas, hire a home inspector to do the work for you.

Water is a real “no no.” There are places where it shouldn’t be. Whether it’s found leaking from plumbing, spills from gutters where it shouldn’t, comes in windows, or is found in the basement, it’s an indicator and cause of serious problems. Many gutter systems don’t carry water far enough away from the house. That could cause water to seep into the foundation, a problem gutters should prevent. If grading around the home doesn’t carry water away, the water could pool against the foundation and seep in.

Check the floor joists from the basement or crawlspace. Poke at them with the flathead screwdriver to check for rot. Soft spots are not good. Check fot the holes and notches that are commonly put into the floor joists for use. There should be no notches or holes at the ends of the boards., holes toward the center could be ok, but only if the timber is sound, but no notches in the center, at they make the boards break easier.

DON’T FORGET THE CHIMNEY: When was the last time you had it cleaned? You could have years of accumulated soot, leaves, debris…and perhaps even small animals inside! At a minimum, it is probably dirty; worst case, it could be clogged, causing a safety hazard next time the fireplace is used.

I know it sounds pretty bad when you say it, but you should think like the buyer when you look at your home before selling it. Think what you were looking for when you bought your home and the little things that you wanted to be sure was nice looking or in working order.

By asking these questions before hiring an inspector, a home buyer would have an easier time choosing which inspector is the right man or woman for the job.

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Easy Tips For First Time Home Buyers To Follow

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