How To Choose The Best Garment Steamer

Join the shark steam cleaner movement. Well perhaps it is not truly a movement yet steam cleaning is the movement of the future. Already thousands have found the benefits of cleaning and sterilizing with a steamer. They are quite easy to use, more effective at cleaning without using any cleaning products, and can eliminate many allergens.

Garment steamers come in two types. The first type of steamer is known as the compact or hand-held steamers and the second type of clothing steamer is known as the professional or residential steamer. Professional garment steamers present numerous advantages. First of all, they come with a long rod which enables you to hang your outfits when you want to steam it. Additionally, they have a more substantial water tank for extended steaming sessions. Lastly, they could offer more powerful steam through their bigger nozzles.

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Not only can you use your steamer for clothes to get the wrinkles out of your clothes, your steamer for clothes also sanitizes and disinfects your clothes at the same time. You would be surprised, and I imagine pleased, at some of the other tasks it can perform.

The portable units are often made as one piece with the nozzle attached to the boiler. It will produce continuous steam, although there are a few with push button steam control. These are compact and lightweight, perfect for small household jobs. They do not hold much water and the steam generally only lasts for 10 to 20 minutes.

Some garment steamers have a stand to hang your garment on, this will keep your garment upright and not laying flat. Steaming should only be done vertically. This will also keep water drops from landing on the fabric you are steaming.

Large capacity professional garment steamers usually are 1,200-2,000 watt machines. It is important to note that some machines require a warm up time, which can range anywhere from five to twenty minutes. They cost from $120-$200 on average. Some have controls for steam settings. This allows you to adjust the steam according to the fabric you are working with. There is also a press pad that may be included or purchased as an accessory. This decreases the possibility of burning your hand while steaming. Professional steamers are the best choice for high volume users.

By knowing the above mentioned factors, your search for the best garment steamer that will fit your needs will be easier. You can simply filter out the features that you want in order to find the right steamer for you.

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