How To Customize Your Twitter Profile

Make sure your new or converted Pinterest account only uses existing social media logins that are associated with professional accounts. For example, my advice is to not link Pinterest to Facebook right now because Pinterest only links to personal Facebook profiles, not professional Facebook pages. Until they add that option, I would not link to Facebook. If your Twitter account is a professional account, definitely hook them up!

Is your life well recorded, and that of your family? Take time to capture the best of the present for future generations. We all love to take pictures of our children, but let us not forget the elderly. Use a video camera to record a grandparent talking about their life. I assure you such memorabilia will be treasured by many in years to come.

Today we will give you some tips and tools on how to grow your following steadily and we’ll also make sure that you stay within the Twitter guidelines to avoid account suspension. There are certain practices that are not allowed and the last thing you want is to get your account suspended after you worked hard to get a decent following.

Make sure you first upload the images on to your website and blog and then pin them on Pinterest. When other users click on the image, the hyperlink will direct them to your website and this means more traffic on your website which is great for SEO. Also include a ‘pin it’ button on every page of your website so that the users can repin images from your website.

Don’t try to sell. The point here is to share images that users will like. Do not come across as if you are compelling your viewers to buy from you. By sharing interesting images you will automatically draw users to your website.

Design or resize your logo for your my Pinterest profile. Since it’s a business page, it’s better to have an image that represents your business on your profile than a personal picture unless you’re an individual consultant. Pinterest profile pictures are 165 px by 165 px.

The very best thing about twitter is which you can get virtually any information that you simply may need. If you’re known for posting relevant tweets then individuals will follow you. Also tweeting the latest on-dits on what is occurring on the planet by the minute helps. This might get more followers on twitter for you.

Last year while building my family tree website my searches found a second cousin, a grand-daughter to my mother’s father’s sister. My mom either did not know about this family branch or, more likely, she had forgotten. Anyway, I contacted this cousin and she sent me a lot of new genealogical information. We also exchanged many family photos. Try growing your own family tree. You might be surprised by the results!

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