How To Maintain A Great Lawn

Our son, Justin, is home for the summer from College. It was a Mom “directive/requirement/command” that he would work this summer and earn his spending money. What a learning experience for all of us!

Depending on the season, putt-putt golf is a great first date place. Not only do you get to spend it having meaningful conversation, it’s a comfortable setting, which is extremely important your first time with someone. Usually what will make someone nervous on your first date will be your surroundings; if you don’t have your space and she doesn’t have her space, then it’s going to be difficult to have a relaxed date.

But what if you want the clubs immediately? Do you have to go with “off the shelf” clubs? Actually, many manufacturers who provide custom golf clubs promise delivery within just a few days, a week or two at most.

While some major CLUBSPORT club manufacturers will charge (dearly) for the actual “fitting,” many offer up this service for free, with your commitment to buy clubs from that company. While custom clubs are more expensive than clubs purchased “off the shelf” from your local golf supplier or even from an outlet store or individual, the results will probably show themselves right away on the golf course.

If your already bugging your ex to give you a break in an attempt to minimize the pain, stop it immediately! This will not help and probably only confuse you more because you are not yet ready to logically conclude anything. Take a step back and take a deep breath. In short, try and relax.

Fourthly, address the angle of your face where your club face should face directly to the target. Closing the face can hit a hook so you need to be careful.

You’ll find that by concentrating on making good solid contact you actually swing the club smoother. When you align this with your natural rhythm you will play better golf, hit more greens, find your ball in the fairway more often and enjoy the game more than ever before.

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