Investing Safely Without Stops?

Never let your profit turn into a loss. In forex trading, a few seconds might be enough for the market to move into the negative territory and wipe out all of the pips gained by you. As a trader, your number one focus after entering into a trade is to determine when to get out. If the position is losing money, you can use the traditional stop loss strategies.

On the other side, if a stock starts going up but just can’t break higher than some number, some trigger price at which buyers rush to sell – that is its resistance level.

List prices are not necessarily indicative of selling prices, but may signal Investor Sentiment by sellers. All together, seventy-eight of 146 areas saw an increase in their list prices while ten areas were unchanged from the previous year.

Forex trading has opened up many exciting possibilities for retail investors like you and me. You can even start trading with $500 when you open a mini account with your broker. Brokers allow leverage as high 1:400 meaning that for every $1 that you have, your broker allows you $400 to trade. Well, this much level of leverage is dangerous and many people get their fingers burnt. Don’t use more than 1:5 leverage level. When you become highly experienced you can increase your level of risk taking.

Don’t take advice from someone who’s never lost money on forex – take it from me such an animal doesn’t exist. Traders love to boast of their successes but if you look behind the scenes they usually have made even bigger losses (it’s an ego thing). You are much better getting advice from someone who’s been round the block and back as the best lessons are learnt from our mistakes not our successes.

The third phase of the market cycle will be dominated by the sellers. In this part of cycle the bullish sentiment of the previous phase turns into a mixed sentiment. Here, the bull loses its faith and bears take over. Distribution phase gives traders signal to sell or short. This phase could be witnessed by chart patterns like double top, head and shoulder etc. here, the traders who are unable to sell for a profit will settle for a breakeven or a small loss.

KV Pharmaceuticals Co. continued to nosedive on poor market reception to its newly FDA-approved Makena medication. KV was the area’s percentage loser, down 12.07% to 3.13.

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