Luggage Tips From A Frequent Traveler

Having an airline lose your luggage can be one of the many frustrating complications of traveling. Mix in a few rude agents, a couple of delayed flights, and a stomach full of greasy airport food and you’ve gone from happy-go-lucky traveler to tired, ticked-off passenger! Before you completely lose your cool and take out the entire Delta customer service counter, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of finding your lost bag and preventing further complication in the future.

You can drive into Georgia through Sarpi or Kars. You can also cross the border into Georgia on foot in Sarpi. From Sarpi, you can take a micro bus or taxi to Batumi which is five or ten minutes north of Sarpi.

At all times try to look and act confident even if you do not feel that you are. You are less likely to be hassled if you seem alert, look like you know where you are going and do not appear vulnerable.

You can also get guided tours of Telavi from tour agencies in Tbilisi with hotel accommodations. Some places, such as Tsinandali, Qvareli, Shua Mta, Alaverdi and Gremi are within close proximity to Telavi and make great day trips if you choose to spend a week in Telavi.

When you intend on walking, you’ll want to bring a stroller and carrier. Check with the airline in advance if it has to be checked in, or if you can take it as hand name tags for luggage, usually it will be the former for a stroller. If you plan on driving, bring your own car seat as rental companies will not always have them available and they might not always have recent models which are up to current safety standards.

In fact Abkhazia and South Ossetia are two regions in Georgia where tourists should not visit. Stay away from the Gali region near Abkhazia. If you do plan to travel to Georgia from Russia, you will need to go through a third country.

15. Plan your luggage according to the restrictions at the airlines. If it is mandatory to carry more luggages, you can prefer traveling via US airlines as they allow 64kg (two 32ks bags). Check with your local agents for more information.

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