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Those people who want to work from home need self motivation. Without a boss to answer to, you will need to get yourself moving and take the responsibilities for even the most unpleasant tasks. This is a serious consideration for those who want to take the plunge and work from home.

Nope. Because nobody does it. Yep. Because nobody does it. I take that back. I coach 150 of the top financial planners in the country. These guys are easily in the top 5% in income for advisors. How many of them take the time and effort to create and utilize these professional drip systems? Two, even with me yelling at them monthly to do it!

Sometimes these relationships are “unspoken” and just exist without any real effort; like that of a close friend. Other times you may have to seek out a team member and/or set up a more formal relationship. I located one of my mentors by posting advertisements on message boards over the Internet. She’s a wonderful person and has helped me move forward in the biggest way! Members of your team do not have to be geographically close to you. My team is spread from the US to Europe to the Caribbean.

If you have ever studied the science of Behaviorism, you will realize that the best way to train an animal to behave correctly is by rewarding the behaviors you want more of and ignoring the behaviors you would like extinguished. Obviously, the very act of breaking up with you is faulty conduct and by being kind, understanding and “giving her time,” you are rewarding her behavior and tossing the bad dog a biscuit.

If you have earlier never felt a need to hire a Samuel Rad Financial Advisor or has never worked along with a stock broker, taking a final decision by just talking to a single person could be counterproductive and could turn out to be harmful for you.

You will want to choose team members for each area of your life. So that no matter what you run up against – there will always be a support person to turn to. However, you must be willing to actually turn to that person when needed. There’s no room for ego here! Using your success team will help you move quickly and efficiently through any type of issue, decision, or crisis. You’ll feel more confident, secure, and at peace knowing that your team is available when needed.

Before you start taking money out of accounts, meet with your tax preparer and do some tax planning to make sure you don’t cost yourself money in taxes, fees or penalties.

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