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Using motivational quotes as a way of staying inspired is a common practice among high achievers. You can get an added boost of excitement and confidence when you read or repeat a saying from a famous person. Here are 5 ways to use motivation quotes to gain and sustain motivation.

Once you have about 20 friends you can start marketing to them by just sending out broadcast messages. Here is where most people kill it. Instead of constantly putting out ads and pitching them, move the free line! Give them content, give them your best stuff, for example, if you wrote an article or made a video then blast it out to them. Send out nice and motivational quotes in hindi, send out links to your blog or anything else that might be helpful.

You can also constantly re-fuel your thirst for motivation by using the power of visualization. Stimulating your mind via multiple senses drives the impact deeper and quicker: For example, by using desktop wallpapers with quotes and sayings, you are giving yourself the visual stimulation and motivation you need to overcome any obstacle on your path.

Do only three people and five pages from each of them. The reason you don’t want to do more than that is if twitter thinks you are being too aggressive in following people they will shut down your account. Follow the three people and five pages rule and you will be fine.

Once a day, stop and take a 30 minute walk, weather permitting. On your walk, don’t focus on what else you need to accomplish for the day, but instead observe the beauty and wonder of nature. Nature is an infinite source of jewelry design ideas. If you see an interesting leaf or piece of foilage, let it inspire you to create. One of my most interesting designs came from being inspired by an acorn.

Make your greeting something friendly and positive. Don’t add a link to your site in your greeting as that leaves a poor first impression. People will be more attracted to you if you are a real person and not just a marketer trying to get in their wallet.

Take the relationship beyond Twitter This point also stresses the importance of following people in your niche. When you follow people in your niche, you naturally are interested in what they are doing outside of twitter. So their blog or website naturally would contain information that you are interested in. I subscribe to the newsletter or RSS feeds of a few of my Twitter followers with whom I share similar interests. So when they make an update to their blog or release a newsletter I am automatically notified via email. When this happens, I read through the blog post and if moved, leave a comment. After a while, if not right away, the person will remember you from Twitter.

In case your buddy is feeling tremendously sad, upset and low in spirits and life, then all you must do to zap away the gloom is to give him a cheerful card. The very best option in this context would be to draw a sad and happy face to indicate the transition undergone. Another safe bet is to draw a rainbow to make your buddy feel hopeful and cheery.

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