Starting A Cleaning Business Means Low Start Up Costs & Big Profits

If you are planning to buy cleaning products in bulk, look for a source that stocks all you need under one roof. Reputable online stores are a good option. Besides a wide inventory with useful product information, they offer good quality janitorial cleaning supplies at affordable rates. Placing orders is easy. You can also avail of special deals and discounts as well as free shipping for purchases over a specified amount.

Aside from the obvious costs to the ghost town you call Apartment #4J (mortgage, insurance, taxes and all the utilities), there are other expenses you may not have thought about: vandalism, keeping that yard weed-free (aka landscaping) and freshening up your ghost town to make it look warm and inviting to your next prospect…

Keep a close relationship with your client. Give them evaluation forms about your services. This will help you adjust your services according to your clients’ needs. Remember that flexibility is the key to be successful in your janitorial business.

Several upright carpet steam cleaners are now available that have a water heating feature. The new Bissel upright units claim that their heating process can increase water temperature by as much as 25 degrees. This is a great feature as the hotter the water, the better the cleaning result.

By hiring a Janitorial Cleaning service you can significantly reduce the amount of allergens around the office. If work spaces are left dirty it is not only a poor reflection on your office space but it leads to more allergens present in your office.

Bonus Smooth Move, let’s call it 6-a: If you hire someone to live in your building and run your properties, they are going to learn all of the smooth moves listed above and save you time in the long run. Do it! It’s a good move!

So why let your life get muddled with so many stuff that takes so much of your time? There is only so much you can do. Once in a while you have to set down the burden you don’t have to carry all the time. Enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard for. And be there for the ones that matters most.

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