Time Off Your Business Is Just As Important As Time On

In the beginning of my Internet Marketing career I discovered just how hard it is to learn how to sell from home, but I also discovered that it was one of the best things that can happen to someone.

After “Final Sins,” Penguin dumped me, along with many of their other longtime writers. They decided to focus on vampire erotica, which is definitely not my thing. I tried to get a deal elsewhere, but with the whole industry in bad shape there were no takers. To make money, I did some stock trading and option selling, which worked out well. Eventually [I] decided to self-publish “Riptide” as a vanity project. Things took off from there, though not right away. I published “Riptide” in the summer of 2010 and didn’t see my ebook sales start to climb until a year later, when I had added a couple of other ebooks to the mix.

Your financial success rests totally on your own shoulders. You will finally be the boss, but are you truly able to work independently? Do you have the time and patience to feed your business everything it needs to grow? Working at home enables you to achieve many things you were unable to do when you were stuck working for your boss. You can make good money at home and still take care of your family at the same time. Fancy doing that with your old boss hovering over your every move! Imagine doing the laundry and still making money at the same time. Working from home opens up endless possibilities.

Back to basics. Become register as self employed a search devotee. Search for business ideas in fields that interest you. You’ll likely be overloaded with information and people trying to sell you on the next best thing since sliced bread. So, watch out.

Once you put money into a retirement fund, the funds grow on a tax-deferred basis. That just means you won’t be liable for paying taxes on any of the profits earned in your retirement account, generally until you retire and start withdrawing money.

You get no benefits at all, except the benefit of less stress. Less stress is a great thing to me, my last job, which I held for almost 4 years, was very stressful, I very much hated to go in and do my twelve-hour shifts at the nursing home.

What could be better than postponing taxes on your future profits and lowering your current taxes at the same time? Well, how about not paying taxes at all? Yes, some retirement accounts allow you to forget about paying taxes on the profits you earn in the account now or when you retire!

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