Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Day Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Hello everyone! Looking for a way to make money online? I was in your place too once. I was a senior in college who needed help paying for school. I had tuition to pay for, gas money to pay for, textbooks, bills, food, a girlfriend….and many other things that deplete your money. I needed money buy I didn’t have time to work a real job along with taking a full load of classes.

Member generated content. Most of us have some great knowledge to share, but those people who have already made it and are actually making an income are sharing their knowledge too. Forget buying some ebook, you can get more focused information right on this site, for FREE.

But then there’s “Site Rubix” which seems to get the most attention in these reviews. The reason for this is that Kyle and Carson introduced this product a few months back and it was full of hype and those affiliate knew they could take advantage of the heavy promotion going on with it. But that product is nothing compared to some of the information inside.

I accidentally came across what is wealthy affiliate website while still looking for a viable online business. It provided me exactly with what I was looking for my business. Kyle and Carson, the co founders of wealthy affiliate university, have in place a program that is designed and very well organized for anyone willing to learn, be taught and be shown the steps that are needed to eventually start making money online. I am one who gets sold on honesty and I thought this was a wealthy affiliate scam. Their honesty was obvious from the beginning. You are advised that this not a get rich quick system but a course that will systematically teach you the steps that will make sure that you will succeed online. All the information that you will need is provided on the wealthy affiliate website.

Now at this point some of you may be wondering what Affiliate Marketing REALLY is? Well to summarize it, you (the affiliate) are marketing or “advertising” someone else’s product. Doesn’t that sound simple? You know what, it is IF and ONLY IF you know what you are doing. There is a lot of really bad advice out there by so called “Guru’s” that can get you spending more money on things like Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Advertising Campaigns than you can not afford. In that case, the only ones getting rich is the Guru who took your money for that ebook and of course Google.

Over the summer I decided to try to find an online job that wouldn’t take much time that I could continue once school started up again. I tried online surveys since the sites were so convincing…”work a few hours a week and make THOUSANDS of dollars!” LOL, I wish that was true! I tried surveys, but they took up a lot of my time, and they didn’t pay well at all.

Wealthy Affiliate will take somebody that knows nothing about affiliate marketing to someone that is earning money in less than a few weeks. The resources available have to be seen to be believed, and the one on one training from the Wealthy Affiliate creators, Kyle & Carson is priceless.

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