Your Own Home Theater

A satellite TV dish – The satellite dish captures the signal from a DIRECTV satellite in orbit above the earth, and focuses it on the feedhorn that sits in front of the dish.

Newer DIRECTV receivers can transmit HD (high definition) signals so you can watch shows in high def and listen to them in digital surround sound. They can also record hundreds of satellite TV programs with a built in DVR (digital video recorder) so you can watch them at your convenience. With these receivers you can even pause a live TV show so you can answer the phone or get a drink, then resume watching it when you’re ready.

The system includes the Bose media center, two small and sleek Gemstone satellite speakers, the Accoustimass bass module and a remote control. That makes up the entire system. It’s much simpler than home theater systems you are probably used too.

Wire your basement components so they’ll work off the components from your t.v. area upstairs. Absolutely, positively, WILL NOT be seen from the basement. The big downside is running up and down the stairs constantly!

Okay, that’s a little drastic but take it from me, a properly planned home theater room will give you years of trouble free entertainment and this article looks at some of the main things you should consider during the planning stage.

The final element of your low cost Surround Sound Installation is the retractable movie screen. This is another element that you can blow your budget on. The most expensive movie screens are going to be the ones that are controlled by a remote control. You can save hundreds of dollars on a movie screen by buying a pull down model. Elite is the company that manufactured the one I bought and I love it. Elite’s pull down movie screens range between $80 and $150.

The last one, the mounting bracket, is an essential component of this in-wall cable installation. It is important in two ways. First, it prevents the dry wall from breaking. Second, it serves as a place for the wall plate to be mounted.

Next important element of your design would be selection and placement of furniture. You can opt for comfy leather couches or reclining chairs in the room. Go for darker tones throughout the interior so that they can blend easily with each other. You will also need shelves for storage of DVD’s and for camouflaging some of the equipment. They can be either built in the wall, or wooden. Wooden shelves are a great idea because wood can absorb the sound and prevent echo. Glass cupboards should be avoided because they can cause reflections. Similarly thick drapes and rugs and pillows will enrich the sound effect because they are good acoustic materials.