10 Commandments For Kitchen Safety

Menu planning seems like quite a tedious chore, apart from special occasions when you have guests over for dinner. Especially after a long day at work, planning a tasty and nutritious meal might land up on the bottom of your priority list. Finally, it is either leftover night or you need to take your family to eat out. If this scenario sounds familiar then, you need to do some menu planning right away. Menu planning is easy, saves you time and money and your family will always eat healthy and delicious meal.

As you’ve most likely seen on food cooking shows, preparing your produce after you’ve brought it home could save you time during the week, and keep your fruit and vegetables crisp longer. How often have you thrown away produce simply because you didn’t maintain it appropriately inside the refrigerator? This tip too, could help you save some bucks.

Depending on what time of the day you’ll be meeting, and how many meals you are assembling, you may want to add a couple of frozen pizzas to the grocery list. Then half way through, you can break for lunch.

The success of implementing menu planning lies in flexibility. Because, you can’t predict a month ahead of time and how everyone will be feeling that day or what the weather will be. If you are not flexible, you are going to become frustrated and give up. You can also involve your family members by assigning them different Meal Prep on a budget chores, such as salad making or setting the table. This will help you in reducing the burden.

For instance, all of the activities that make up my morning routine are time consistent. I know that each morning I need 30 minutes to meditate, and another 5-10 minutes to write down any thoughts that come up during my meditation.

The kids love trying new meals and now they will say, “Mom, this is a keeper” or “you can write family favorite next to this one.” Now, years later, my husband would tell you that I am a good cook.

10-Since I do use my dishwasher, I have set it to the air dry setting instead of the heat dry setting. That alone, saves about $30 off my electricity bill.

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